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Home Oxygen Therapy improves quality of life of oxygen-dependent patients and helps prolong life.

Oxygen Therapy

Home oxygen therapy provides the patient with a small flow of oxygen using an oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank to help blood oxygen levels return to normal.

The goal of home oxygen treatment is to improve the quality of life by reducing shortness of breath and enabling the patient to have a more active lifestyle. Oxygen therapy can also be used for other indications such as treatment of Heart Failure and other cardio-respiratory conditions.

Continuous oxygen use has been shown to:

Our Professional Team

At VitalAire Singapore, we have a team of professional staff to assist you on your home oxygen therapy.

Our professional team consists of:

  • Respiratory Therapist
  • State Registered Nurse

We will provide you with education for you and your family on system operation, maintenance and safety of your home oxygen therapy, along with the most suitable products / systems available to ensure successful treatment outcome.


Our professionals can assess your needs to evaluate how home oxygen therapy can improve your quality of life.

Enquire with our friendly customer service today.



O24U Care Program

Looking for Oxygen Concentrators / Cylinders for home use?

Choices of purchase or rental are available for most of our oxygen concentrators.

Our service does not stop at just supplying the equipment for your Oxygen Therapy.

We support you with our O24U Care Program.

For more information, enquire with our friendly customer service today.

Call us at Tel: 6733 1148 or Hp 9651 5471.