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Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Treatment Process

Visit your doctor today to find out if a sleep study is suitable for you, before starting the process : 

Treatment Benefits

CPAP Trial

Unsure whether you can get used to the CPAP therapy?

Like to try the CPAP device before making the actual purchase?

Like someone to guide you during this initiation period?

More than just a trial… it is a therapy monitoring program wholly facilitated by our professional CPAP Consultants for you!


Duration of program: 2-4 weeks


CPAP Trial Program comprises of:

  • 1 x Post Therapy Initiation Day Follow-up
  • Weekly Follow-ups
  • Unlimited Troubleshooting / Walk-in visits (for that extra peace of mind)
  • 1 x Post Trial Review (Incl. printing and analysis of therapy report)


When can I get started on this trial program?

  • As soon as you complete our START Consultation, you may be ready. We recommend that you check with our CPAP Consultants for their advice.


How much does this trial program cost?

  • Our CPAP Trial Program is customized to suit the needs for each individual patient.
  • Charges start from S$380 up to S$580 (depending on length of the subscribed trial period).
  • It is Fully WAIVED with purchase of any CPAP mask during the START Consultation.


Enquire with our friendly customer service today. Click here for enquiry, or visit us, or call us at 6733 1148.