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Travel CPAP

Travelling overseas with CPAP device

Travelling with your CPAP device needs not be difficult if you treat it carefully and plan ahead.

Travelling overseas with your CPAP device

  • Most CPAP devices are able to be used worldwide (110V to 250V) provided you have the correct plug adapter for the country you are in.
  • Most aeroplane sockets are 110V and use a US style plug.
  • Most airlines will treat your CPAP devices as medical equipment and allow you to carry it on board in addition to your regular carry-on luggage quota.
  • Not all airlines allow you to use your CPAP device in flight, even if you can carry it on, so check with your airline carrier before departure.
  • It is a good idea to carry a copy of your prescription or a letter from your doctor when you fly.

Tips for travellers

Many people who travel overseas and regularly with their CPAP device carry a universal adapter and also an extension cord in case their hotel does not have a spare power outlet close to the bed.

Bon voyage!