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VAS Membership Programme

A Homey Patient Care Programme

Join our Friends Club and stand to enjoy the following exclusive benefits

Our VAS Membership Programme

Members' Privileges

Device Clean & Care

  • Disinfection
  • ¬†Performance Check

Therapy Monitoring & Review (2 sessions / year)

  • Clinical data download & printing of report
  • Review consultation
  • Mask Reassessment

SMS Data Review & over-the-phone consult

  • (2 sessions / year)

Filter Replacement

  • 12 pieces of monthly change filters
  • 2 pieces of bi-annually change filters

Unlimited Technical Support for device breakdown

  • Technical assessment
  • Technical troubleshooting (repair labor & parts charges separately)
  • loaner unit during repair service

Annual Device Calibration

  • to ensure optimum pressure & flow rate
Birthday month discount
Year long Discount
$200 off new device with trade in of existing device